Marriage is God’s showcase of Covenant -Keeping Grace.

Amazingly, God not only paid the bride price to redeem you for His Son, but the bride price was His Son: Christ, the lamb of God who lived a sinless life, died, was raised from the dead and then ascended to heaven, where He now awaits the word from God the Father that He might come back for His bride to take us home. And what does the bride have to to do earn this? Not one thing. 

If you have trusted in God's gracious work through His Son's perfect life, death, and resurrection; if you know you are a sinner and can do nothing to save yourself; and if you have thrown yourself upon God's mercy, asked for His forgiveness, and turned from you former life; then you are His bride. You are betrothed to Christ, you are awaiting His return. (Catherine Strode Parks)

There is no human relationship that reflects Christ and the Church

better than marriage.

Now when the husband is called “the head of the wife,” and it goes on to say “as Christ is the head of the church”    (Eph. 5:23), something of the divine splendor is reflected in our earthly relationships, and this reflection we should recognize and honor. The dignity that is here ascribed to the man lies, not in any capacities or qualities of his work but in the office conferred on him by his marriage. The wife should see her husband clothed in this dignity.

But for him it is supreme responsibility.

In a word, live together in the forgiveness of your sins, for without it no human fellowship,

least of all a marriage, can survive.

God gives you Christ as the foundation of your marriage. “Welcome one another, therefore, as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God” (Rom. 15:7). . . . Don’t insist on your rights, don’t blame each other, don’t judge or condemn each other, don’t find fault with each other, but accept each other as you are, and forgive each other every day from the bottom of your hearts.

As the head, it is he who is responsible for his wife, for their marriage, and for their home. On him falls the care and protection of the family; he represents it to the outside world; he is its mainstay and comfort; he is the master of the house, who exhorts, punishes, helps, and comforts, and stands for it before God. It is a good thing, for it is a divine ordinance when the wife honors the husband for his office’s sake, and when the husband properly performs the duties of his office.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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